MetaCom Corporate Communications

Bernhard Krause
Partner and CEO
06181 9828020
Metacom GmbH
Bruchköbeler Landstr. 37
63452 Hanau

Bernhard Krause

CEO, Consulting & Conception

  • at sea at the age of 15
  • commercial apprenticeship
  • studies: business administration / marketing / advertising
  • leading functions in the industry in the area of communications with global responsibility
  • 1993: establishment of BK Advertising & Marketing Service
  • 1996: formation of the full-service communications agency MetaCom, change of corporate form to a limited company (GmbH)
  • 1997: introduction of PR / financial communications as new field of activity
  • 2008: co-founder of the online agency Pixelstein
  • Focus: PR, financial and crisis communication, strategy consulting, event management
  • Private: sailing, family and dogs, golf